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SarcomaFest Raffle

OK, I know what you're thinking. 

A raffle? What is this, the local vicarage tea party with added jam making competition? Well no, obviously not. 

SF has a history of doing magnificent stuff with the raffle; we've handed out original artwork, a skateboard, records and CDs and about a squillion band t-shirts over the years, as donated by the bands and well-wishers. As with everything else at SarcomaFest and without exception, money raised through the raffle prizes, anything else donated and the cash from the tickets sold goes 100% to Sarcoma UK. The organisers do not take one single penny from any source of income (door, t-shirt sales, raffle cash) for *anything*. 

Because we've had so many cancellations, the stash of raffle stuff has built up. More prizes for YOU!

This time out we're doing a drip feed of announcements re: raffle prizes above and beyond the usual slew of band merch that the bands attending donate (because they're all super). So, here they are - and check back for more announcments as October 2nd draws closer!

#1 - Piss Poor Patches! 

This is *remarkable*. 

There has long been a thing about some patches being ah... less than wonderful shall we say. In this instance, a bunch of them have been collected, mounted and framed, and are ready to hang in your downstairs loo, in the stairwell, in your living room or anywhere you see fit for the amusement of vistors. Here's a quick video.

I'm sure you agree that it's bloody marvellous. If anyone's interested it's 27" wide and 23" tall, framed. 

#2 - Kerrang!

Right, now this is something special. In the UK the magazine Kerrang! has been the metal bible for the last forty years. The second raffle prize is a collection of the first 32 copies of Kerrang! plus the first issue of Mega Metal Kerrang! where it started getting into death and thrash metal. 

The 32 copies are each stored in magazine bags with cardboard backing to keep them flat and out of harms' way - - the MMK! is an oversized publication and doesn't fit, so isn't. 

This is genuinely a significant chunk of UK metal history and will make an excellent addition to any metalhead's collection.  It comes in a good solid box - what, did you think it was going to be in a shopping bag?! - and is a wonderful thing to behold. It's likely worth about £200 as well.

#3 & #4 - ZomBears!

I know what you're thinking - HOLY HELL what are THEY?! 

Pretty much what it says on the tin - they're ZomBears, each hand crafted, each unique.

The furry fellow with the exposed brain and eye socket is a series one Zombear, and comes with a signed copy of the hardback book compiling the first few issues on the Bearlands comic. The lovely chappie with the dead eyes and some *other* eyes growing in his paw is a series two Zombear, and comes with the first four issues of the comic (shown) of which #1 is signed by the author and a pack of stickers and badges. 

Each bear is presented in a ribbon wrapped plastic box, as seen in the bottom left photo - and the books/comics/badges are underneath each respective bear in the box. Probably not fit for kiddies, but a pleasingly dark swipe at all things charming for adults. And yes, one of these could easily be yours if you enter the raffle. Brutal. :) 

#5 - The VIRUS Bundle!

Virus have pitched in with a bundle of their own - to comprise a hat, new CD and T-shirt, band logo patch and a couple of Coke's signature picks normally unavailable to the public. 

Are you this beautifully dressed? Why not? Why not, and here's an idea, order an SF t-shirt online like NOW and then buy a Virus t-shirt at the gig? 

Remember - all our bands play without fees and if we do cough for diesel it comes out of the organisers' pockets, not the charitable sum - it says on the poster 100% of take gores to the charoty and that is 100% the case. So all the bands rely on merch sales to pay for the fuel to get home! Buy raffle tickets, buy merch, support your bands and support SarcomaFest! 

We bloody love you all, to paraphrase Ozzy. 

#6 - The Instant Record Collection!

OK, this one's off the chart good. Nineteen vinyl albums, plus something to play them on. It's easier to watch the video but consider this - that's £300+ in vinyl, and another £125/150+ in hardware.  Raffle tickets are a lot less than that. Show up with money to spare and bag an epic prize. 

Note - YES we can deliver on the Sunday if you need us to! 

But I'm concentrating on Metal and Beer!

Of course you are, it's a bloody festival, not the aforementioned vicarage tea party. Don't stress. We can get your prizes delivered to you in short order - Jules and Colin live in Kent, Steve in is Hampshire, No charge for delivery either. Frankly we'd rather do this than risk you breaking or damaging something while refreshed and thrashin'. Imagine winning one of these and then dropping it in a puddle/puddle of piss/puddle of spew/you get the idea. 

Little prizes - shirts and that - you can deal with. You've made it home from a gig pissed with a t-shirt rammed in your pocket before now.