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Here's some old flyers/promo posters and asst other guff. You can see who played when, how the posters have improved with age, the legendary SF patches (no really), the promo videos down the bottom of the page, the lot. There's a video somewhere of the creation of the SF logo (based on the Anihilated one, and they headlined Sf1), we'll up that here one day. 

The very first SF had a poster done by Branca Studio of Barcelona!
(I know! How ace is that?!)

Buy their frankly amazing
merch here:

We are forever indebted. And Steve has their 'first six Sabbath albums' shirt. :) 

SF3 and the logo is created, based on the logo of SF's good friends Anihilated

2018 and SFV (yes, Roman numerals!) with everything from doom to thrash, with some flamenco chucked in because why not. ;) 

The promo video for SF4. 

This was Steve's first poster for SF, knocked up in a hurry. It shows!

The 2017 SF, and the breadth expands from indie rock (Word of Nod) to black metal (King Leviathan) and all points in-between.

A triumph.

The very beautiful SarcomaFest patch, which looks bloody great on a battle jacket by the way. 

Embroidered, not printed. Finished edges. Quality. 

The first promo video we did, for SF3. 

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